Left Handed Scissors Vs Right Handed Scissors – Which To Use?

Guide On Left Handed Scissors Vs Right Handed Scissors What is best to use: Left handed scissors vs Right handed scissors?? Did you know that there are a whopping 780,000,000 left-handed individuals globally? That’s about …

left handed scissors vs right handed

Guide On Left Handed Scissors Vs Right Handed Scissors

What is best to use: Left handed scissors vs Right handed scissors??

Did you know that there are a whopping 780,000,000 left-handed individuals globally? That’s about 10 percent of the world’s population falls into this category. 

Left-handed hairstylists exhibit exceptional skills which are no less than their right-handed counterparts. Left handed hairstylists have a left dominant hand which necessitates the use of specialized left handed scissors. In the past, left handed scissors were hard to find but today, they are available in a wide range of sizes and forms. All major brands like Hanzo, Sam Villa and Scissor Tech have specialized left handed scissors. 

Left Handed Scissors Vs Right Handed Scissors

What’s The Difference?

Left-handed scissors are made differently from right-handed ones to suit the needs of left-handed hairstylists. Here are some main differences:

  • Handle Position: The noticeable change is in how the handles are set. Left-handed scissors have handles flipped to fit left-handed users comfortably. This allows hairstylists to hold them naturally while cutting.
  • Blade Angles: The blades in left-handed scissors are angled to match how left-handed stylists cut. This design ensures precise and controlled cutting for better results.
  • Blade Shape: Left-handed scissors might have slightly adjusted blade lengths and shapes. They often feature a smooth cutting edge that prevents hair from getting caught or folded during cutting.
  • Ergonomics: Left-handed scissors are created with comfort in mind. The finger and thumb holes are positioned for a relaxed hand posture, reducing strain during extended use. The scissors’ weight is also balanced for better control.

Left handed people are more comfortable holding left handed shears. Although a lot of left handed hairstylists practice with right handed shears, they are most comfortable using tools specially designed for their dominant hands. Summing up, left-handed hairstylists can work more effectively and achieve great results confidently.

Comparison Between Left Handed Scissors Vs Right Handed Scissors

left handed vs right handed scissors

Right-handed scissors are designed so that regardless of how you hold them, the upper blade is always the right one. This arrangement ensures that when right-handed individuals use the scissors, the cutting motion brings the blades together smoothly along their entire length. Additionally, this design allows right-handed users to have an unobstructed view of the cutting line. Conversely, for left-handed scissors, the arrangement is the opposite: the upper blade is always the left one.

Do Left-Handed Scissors Make Any Difference?

Left-handed scissors bring notable advantages to left-handed individuals, particularly those in the hairstyling profession. Here’s why:

  • Reduced Strain and Fatigue: Utilizing scissors tailored for left-handers helps minimize strain and fatigue commonly linked to using tools not suited for their dominant hand. Ergonomically designed left-handed scissors distribute weight optimally and offer ergonomic handles, lessening the risk of discomfort and repetitive strain injuries, which is especially crucial during extended hairstyling sessions.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Ergonomics: Left-handed scissors are thoughtfully crafted to prioritize the comfort and ergonomics of left-handed users. By reversing the handle orientation, these scissors provide a more natural grip for left-handed hairstylists. This ensures a comfortable hand position during cutting, decreasing strain and fatigue over extended periods. The ergonomic design adds an extra layer of comfort, fostering an enjoyable hairstyling experience for left-handed professionals.
  • Control and Precision: Left-handed scissors are meticulously designed to complement the cutting technique of left-handed hairstylists. Their blade angles and convex edges are optimized for smooth, accurate cuts when held in the left hand. By using scissors tailored precisely to their dominant hand, left-handed stylists can exercise superior control over their cuts, achieving precision and symmetry in their hairstyles.
  • Improved Performance and Efficiency: The use of left-handed scissors significantly boosts the performance and efficiency of left-handed hairstylists. These specialized tools facilitate a seamless, fluid cutting process. This empowers left-handed stylists to work swiftly and confidently, translating their creative concepts into exceptional hairstyles without hindrance.

Are Right-Handed Scissors Better than Left-Handed Ones?

There’s no inherent superiority between right-handed and left-handed scissors.

The choice hinges on the hairstylist’s dominant hand to ensure optimal comfort and performance. Both types are engineered to meet the needs of their respective users.

Recommended Left-Handed Scissors

Here are some of the best left-handed cutting scissors to buy in 2023

  1. HH1L Kamikaze (Cutting Shears)
  2. Streamline Shears (Cutting Shears)
  3. HHVT1 Mamba Texturizer (Texturizing Shears)

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