Top 5 Scissor Stands to Buy for your Hair Salon

Is it worth investing in Scissor Stands? Professional hair stylists own dozens of hairdressing shears. In a busy salon environment, keeping the shears neatly organized is of paramount importance. Organizing the shears helps the hair …

why use scissor stands

Is it worth investing in Scissor Stands?

Professional hair stylists own dozens of hairdressing shears. In a busy salon environment, keeping the shears neatly organized is of paramount importance. Organizing the shears helps the hair stylists save time and effort. Buying a scissor stand is a long-term investment that you will never regret.

Reasons for Investing in a Good Scissor Stand

For a professional hairstylist, time is money and it is not a wise idea to keep misplacing professional hairdressing shears. Following are the top

  1. Organization – A stand can help organize the shears conveniently. Different sections can be labeled as well to separate the cutting shears from texturizing ones. Some professional hairstylists have special shears for particular hairstyles – such can be separated from everyday use shears as well. A scissor stand allows you to separate dull shears from newer ones.
  2. Hygiene – Cross-contamination is a common issue in the hairstyling industry. A stand reduces the risk of cross-contamination. The hairdressing tools can be easily sanitized and stacked separate from the unclean ones.
  3. Convenience – All the scissors can be neatly organized on the dressing table and all the tools are within hand reach.
  4. Safety – Many hairstylists injure them from the sharp shear blades – the last thing you want in a busy hair salon is an injured hairstylist. Keeping the shears in a stand helps reduce accidental cuts.
  5. Professionalism – Imagine walking in a professional salon and you see dozens of shears piled up on the hairdressing station – not a pleasing sight. Stands add a sense of professionalism and create a positive image in the client’s mind. The salon appears more tidy and organized.

Things to Consider while Buying a Scissor Stand

A good quality stand is sturdy, can hold multiple scissors, look sleek and has a portable design. First thing to check is the material. Professional hairdressing shears from top brands like Hanzo are expensive and require care. Storing the shears in a low-quality shear stand can cause the shine to dull. Stainless steel and high-quality plastic are two good material preferences for a scissor stand. The stand should not be too big or too small. Different stand sizes are available but pick one that fits on your hairdressing table. Ideally, there should be separate compartments for scissors, accessories, and trimming machines. Stability of the scissor stand is another crucial element. If the stand is not stable, there is always a falling hazard.

Best Scissor Stands to Buy in 2023

Here are four excellent stand options to choose from

Salon Scissor Stand by Shanrya

scissor display stand

The Segbeauty Scissor stand has one holder, and two compartments. There is a detachable fiber insert which helps in holding the shears firmly in place. Rubber anti-skid pads on the bottom prevent the shear case from drifting. The dimensions are 6.1 by 4.1 by 3.2 inches. Perfect for professional hairdressers who use multiple shears, shavers, combs and accessories. Available in six different color options – prices range between $13.49 to $18.99.

Barber Scissor Holder Stand – Ebay

make scissors look good in scissor standThis Barber scissor holder is 3.85 inches tall and 3.45 inches wide. There is a fiber insert for holding shears firmly in place. However, there are two fundamental issues: (1) the shear blade can get dull over time, and (2) the blades are not visible, only handles are visible – making it difficult to identify shears.

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Wooden Scissors Holder Rack Stand – Ebay

multiple scissors scissor standThe wooden scissors holder rack stand is perfect for holding up to six shears and six combs. A wide base gives the scissor stand excellent stability. At $18.00, this shear stand is good value for money. The shear blade rubbing with a wooden frame can cause some shear damage and there is not enough space for accessories, shavers etc.

Scissor Holder and Stand – Barber Gear

scissor standThe scissor stand by Barber Gear costs just under $6.00 and features an anti-skid design. Fiber padding in the stand has thousands of long bristles that keep the shears firmly in place. Three color options are available (black, gold, silver). ThisĀ  stand does not have any compartments for separating different shear types, and there is limited space available – just enough for 3-4 professional shears.

Which One to Buy – Scissor Cases vs Shear Cases



scissor holder stand


benefits of scissor stands

A scissor case is the perfect option for hairstylists that offer home service or travel frequently. Many top shear manufacturers have a variety of shear cases to choose from. Compartments in the shear cases allow the hairstylists to better organize different shears. Multiple pockets allow the hairstylists to store accessories neatly as well. Scissor stands have a more fixed nature and are less robust.

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