How to Sharpen Hair Scissors – Guide to Scissor Sharpening at Home

Learn how to sharpen scissors like new All professional hairstylists are well-aware of how important it is to keep scissors sharp. Most professional shear manufacturers like Hanzo, Sam Villa and Scissortech have professional scissor sharpening …

how to sharpen scissors

Learn how to sharpen scissors like new

All professional hairstylists are well-aware of how important it is to keep scissors sharp. Most professional shear manufacturers like Hanzo, Sam Villa and Scissortech have professional scissor sharpening services. For instance, the Hanzo Inshearance program covers professional sharpening of professional shears conveniently. It is recommended for professional hairstylists to have their shears sharpened every 300 to 400 cuts or every 4 to 6 months depending upon the usage. Many hairstylists who are just beginning their hairstyling journey are looking for cost-effective ways to sharpen scissors at home. This article will guide you regarding how to keep your hairstyling scissor sharp and shiny.

Professional Sharpening Services

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Professional sharpening is the best option to keep scissors sharp. Hanzo offers an excellent service where you can send in any Japanese style shear and the company sharpens the shears professionally. The scissor sharpening process makes use of ultra non-abrasive sharpening and shaping systems for precise honing of your beloved shears. The system is effective and completely removes the sharpening burr.

I love the Hanzo sharpening program which costs just $13 a month. For this small amount, you can get 4 sharpening of your choice whose total cost would be $172 otherwise. Additionally, you can get a $100 reward coupon towards your next shear purchase.

How to sharpen hair scissors with a whetstone?

sharpen scissors with a stoneScissor sharpening by professionals is always more effective however if you want to try at home, you will be needing a good quality whetstone. Follow the steps below:

  1. Soak the whetstone overnight in water or oil.
  2. Use a tension key to separate the two blades before scissor sharpening.
  3. Now slowly use a smooth sliding motion and angle the blade’s tip as you push.
  4. Repeat the process for a total of 10 to 15 minutes until you get the desired finish.
  5. Once both blades have been sharpened, let them dry.
  6. After drying, oil the blades and put them together.

How to sharpen scissors with professional tools?

scissors sharperProfessional sharpening tools are better at sharpening professional shears – no doubt about it. Pro Grind is an excellent tool for scissor sharpening at home. This tool (or any other professional shear sharpener) can effectively fix the dull blade or remove the sharpening burr. A professional sharpening tool is easy to use. Just lock your shear blade and run over the whetstone over the blades. There are clips to secure the shear blade firmly in place and make the scissor sharpening process much easier. Personally, I prefer a multi-grind scissor sharpening tool which sharpends the edge with an easy repeating process. For people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, electronic professional sharpening tools are also available.

How to sharpen scissors using Aluminum foil?

sharpen scissors with foilSuppose you don’t have a whetstone or budget for a professional scissor sharpening tool, what do you do then? You can use an easy scissor sharpening hack which is not very effective but can get the job done. Sharpen the dull or blunt hair scissors but rubbing against something like a mason jar. You can also fold tin foil in a rectangular shape and make a dense shape. Ensure that this foil contraption is sturdy and thick enough.

Warning: We do not recommend this technique as you can cut your fingers while sharpening scissors.

How to sharpen hair scissors using alcohol?

best way to sharpen scissorsAlcohol is an excellent agent for cleaning hair scissors and restoring the sharpness. When you clean the blade with alcohol, all the residue gets cleaned and you are left with a sharpened scissor. Try avoiding use of any abrasive chemicals on your professional hairstyling shears as it will remove the shear life.

How to check scissor sharpness at home?

Take a lock of hair and cut using the freshly sharpened scissors. If the scissors cut smoothly and make a nice, smooth sound – they are sharpened properly. Repeat the sharpening process if the sound is not smooth or the shears make a screeching sound.

Do not test the sharpness of your professional hair styling shear by cutting cloth or paper. Always remember that hairstyling shears are designed specifically for hair and not other materials.

Tips for Scissor Sharpening at Home

Here are some tips to keep your scissors sharp for a longer time span:

  1. Store your shears in a shear case or cover the shears with a good quality sheath.
  2. Don’t drop the shear to prevent blade damage.
  3. Clean shears after each use using a cleaning cloth.

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